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Apple MR heads are released, and the AR/VR industry chain is welcoming the second half?

Apple CEO Cook said at the meeting that Apple Vision Pro "is a revolutionary product, and its performance, immersion and function can only be provided by Apple." Market expects that Vision Pro is the ceiling of the technical concept for the AR industry. The rewritten and even reconstruction is expected to open the "iPhone moment" in the virtual reality hardware industry.
The entire industry is waiting for Apple to give a "benchmark"
In terms of appearance, the front of Vision Pro is a layer of pressure glass constructed in a three -dimensional form, and the surface is optical. The outer frame has a button that can take space photos and videos. There is also a digital knob, which can be transferred out of the main view on time, and the space environment immersion can be adjusted when rotating.

The outer frame is made of characteristic aluminum alloy. Among them, it includes parts including Micro-OLED, cameras, sensors, high-performance computers, and high-efficiency heat dissipation design. Eye masks have a series of different shapes and size options, and also created customized optical plugs that can be adsorbed by magnetic adsorption.
At the level of components, Vision Pro uses a dual chip design, equipped with Apple's self -developed M2 chip and new R1 chip. R1 is mainly used for real -time sensor task processing. Processing 12 cameras, 5 sensors, and 6 microphone data collection processing.

The two back panels of Vision Pro have a total of 23 million pixels. It also has a new space audio system, and the integrated dual -drive unit audio component brings personalized sound effects. Its display can provide high -resolution videos, realize accurate heads and hand tracking, and perform real -time 3D mapping.
Like other Apple devices, Vision Pro will have its own operating system called Vision OS. Users can be controlled by hand, eyes, and sound. In addition to daily entertainment, VISION PRO can also work for work, which can project a screen similar to modern desktop to replace computer displays. Users can use keyboards and other devices to type.
However, it is a bit regrettable that the current version of the Apple MR header has not been able to achieve the company's "Wireless" target set by the company in 2017. A white woven wire is placed on the left side of the product. The user either inserts the wire on the power supply and use it all day. It is not clear how long this line is; or the battery is connected to the battery with a battery life for 2 hours.
In terms of price, Vision Pro is expected to be officially released in the United States in early 2024. It will be purchased in other countries and regions in the United States in early 2024. The price is $ 3499, which is about RMB 24,851. It is significantly higher than the similar products of competitors and exceeds the market expectations of $ 3,000.

The AR/VR industry chain welcomes the second half?
Some analysts believe that Apple MR hardware innovation directly hit the three major pain points (dizziness, thickness, and insufficient content), which is expected to become an epoch-making product in the field of head display equipment, or will explode a trillion-level track.
Public information shows that from the perspective of the entire industrial chain, display modules, optics, and chips accounted for relatively high value in the XR machine.

The current XR has entered the mature iteration stage. It is expected that the augmented reality (AR) can be initially commercialized in 2025. Once commercialized, it can be fully popularized in about 5 years (around 2030).



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